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We help our social impact clients harness their existing expertise.
Market Entry, Project Development, Business Expansion Strategy

At LoftyInc we strive to drive thinking from an ‘out of the box’ perspective. Be it market entry, project development, Project Delivery as well as business expansion strategy; as corporate consultants we strive to exceed your expectations.

At LoftyInc we believe that making the world a better place means finding solutions that work, and scaling them to maximize progress.

We are an innovation and technology company
Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, it drives the impact we make
Digital Transformation & Product Development

Making the world a better place means finding solutions that work, and scaling them to maximize progress. From health to agriculture, and financial inclusion, LoftyInc designs new solutions, systems and strategies to address the needs and aspirations of underserved communities around the globe. We help our social impact clients harness their existing expertise to co-design the products, services, and strategic frameworks that create even greater benefits for the communities they serve.

Project Delivery

We develop, consult and execute projects using best-in class project management methodologies. We deliver quality projects within the schedule of our clients without compromise. Our work goes beyond single initiatives. We provide the training, mentorship, and support needed to sustain a culture of innovation. By opening up the innovation process, we bring together diverse organizations and stakeholders—including the individuals and communities that will benefit from the work.

Capital Management

We contribute to and promote the growth of the impact investment sector by demonstrating that seed investments can be made in an efficient and profitable manner. The types of capital raising transactions we look for include early-stage bets on promising ventures (via our Angel Group, Afropreneur Angel Syndicate Ltd), venture capital (through our Venture Capital arm, LoftyInc Capital Management) for emerging growth companies, growth capital for more established companies, and leveraged acquisitions and recapitalizations for growth-oriented companies with strong cash flows.

Business Development & Business Advisory

At LoftyInc, we have established a team of Business Consultants who have the proven expertise to address the needs of businesses at different stages of development. From Start-Ups to Large institutions, we always aim to help businesses achieve a hitch free access to markets while hand holding investors from the point of entry though to operational phase.

Venture Development

LoftyInc is focused on triple bottom line businesses that drive social and environmental impact with innovative, profitable and scale-able models. We provide financing and strategic support for the development of success cases. The venture development component (via our Wennovation Hub arm), is focused on building sustainable and viable businesses geared towards solving societal problems.

Public Sector Advisory Practice

We assist the Government with fresh ideas and evidence, improving its capacity to deliver on its mandates. We are committed to accelerating change through evidence and innovation.
Our services include: Strategy Implementation, Evidence to Policy, Public policy analysis, Performance Audit, Workforce Capacity Building, and Project(s) Monitoring & Evaluation.


Monitoring and Evaluation unit tracks project targets against achievements routinely and systematically, to ensure progress stays on track using standardised but measurable indicators and evidence based methods. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning unit is involved with;

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Research Study Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Impact Assessment
  • Compliance Management
  • Strategic Information Management
Unlimited development possibilities
A perfected execution model deployed on all your projects
01. Discussion We always initiate our projects by engaging our clients to fully understand what their needs and targets are.
Don’t worry, You are in safe hands.

At LoftyInc we believe that making the world a better place means finding solutions that work, and scaling them to maximize progress.

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02. Strategy Once we’ve discovered our clients' needs, next is to create a framework around how best to launch the project.
Back to the drawing board

This is where we’ll set your 'Key Perfomance Indicators', define their objectives and timelines and compare them against their budget.

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03. Execution Now that you have established a robust strategy, the next line of cation is to get the ball rolling by allocating respective tasks to the appropriate team.
Don't fret!

In our quest to drive innovation and social impact, over the years, we have partnered with amazing organizations.

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04. Happy Client Even after we are done with the project we don’t give ourself a pat on the back. -- Well, at least not yet;
We relive the process

We then look for ways to improve and evaluate whether project objectives were met, and how effectively

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