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Posted on December 12, 2021   |    Projects

At the close of 2021, LoftyInc was awarded a co-investment grant by the USAID-funded West Africa Trade Hub to launch Project Sparrow - an initiative that was developed to reduce the risk of local and global investments in selected agribusiness and agritech companies in Nigeria to help them achieve higher productivity, better returns, inclusive growth and access to finance.

We had in attendance representatives from Partners on the Project who included Trade Hub, Development Bank of Nigeria, Afrilabs and Afropreneur Angels Group. The event was also graced by the presence of representatives of the Ministers of Water Resources and Agriculture.

The project continued with the Investment Readiness Program for the participants, to prepare them for funding.

Posted on December 12, 2021   |    Projects

This is a road maintenance project that is an initiative of the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) that is being implemented by LoftyInc Allied Partners Ltd.

The goal is to ensure that the federal highways across the country are in good and safe conditions to ensure safety on the road.

The project also seeks to create employment for Nigerians who will be involved in the project as gang members (those doing the actual maintenance work ) and gang leaders (those supervising the work).

Posted on December 12, 2021   |    Projects

In a bid to catalyse the adoption and usage of Mobile Money in Nigeria, the University of California San Diego (UCSD) developed a new mobile technology for school fee payment in collaboration with Lofty Allied Partners Ltd.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the success of a new technology developed by Mobile Financial Services Africa (MFS Africa), 3Way Communications, and researchers at UCSD that allows students to pay their school fees using mobile money. The role of the UCSD researchers is to evaluate the success of this new technology, and they will do so by comparing school-fee payment patterns under the new system to baseline school-fee payment patterns.

Posted on February 25, 2022   |    Wennovation Hub
The LoftyInc Story Through the Pen of Michael Oluwagbemi, Executive Partner, LAPL

On February 19, 2022 — LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited turned 13 years old. Exactly 2 years after its founding, Wennovation Hub was launched as her premier platform to intervene in the emerging innovation ecosystem of Nigeria.

Way before incubators and accelerators were sexy, and any was privately organised in Nigeria, together with our partners at Africa Leadership Forum, the platform was launched and was later spun off on Feb 27, 2015 as its own independent entity still managed by LoftyInc.

Posted on December 12, 2021   |    Fun & Team Bonding
2021 LoftyInc Annual Retreat: Celebrating a Fulfilling Year

The team wound down the year 2021 with our Annual Retreat with the theme; Solidifying the Foundation Building Generational & Cross Continental Innovation Ecosystems by Interlinkages and Synergy.

During the retreat, we went over our wins/achievements for the year, as well as our failures/learning curves. It was a wholesome activity and helped us see the extent of the work we do. More than that, it has propelled us to do even better in the years to come. We have only just started.

Posted on December 12, 2020   |    Fun & Team Bonding
2020 Loftyinc Annual Retreat - Celebrating the best team in the world!

The best team in the world is LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited. They are the best partners you need for making dreams of millions come true. From our countless innovators, start-ups, MSME founders, development partners and public sector change agents this company supports, they go above and beyond and deliver the much needed synergy for JOBS that Sub-Sahara Africa badly needs for prosperity.

Posted on November 16, 2020   |    Wennovation Hub
The Next Economy Incubation Program ends with Demo Day

After 12 weeks of intense training and crowdfunding, The Next Economy Incubation and Entrepreneurship program finally ended with a Demo Day that saw 5 Startups from the 15 in the cohort pitch their businesses to potential investors.

Posted on November 16, 2020   |    Wennovation Hub
Wennovation Hub is Selected by AfriLabs to Train Female Entrepreneurs in the Ideas to Business (12B) Project.

Wennovation Hub has won €15,000 to train female entrepreneurs and incubate their businesses for a period of six months. After a pitch submitted to Afrilabs, Wennovation hub was selected for the capacity building awards based on the hub’s proven track record of churning out quality startups in the ecosystem

November 12, 2020   |    Health & Safety
Work Life Balance

We express ourselves through the work that we do. Naturally, we spend about 70% of our time doing work related things. Research shows that over 94% of the working population spends over 50 hours weekly on work, as against the 40 hour work week.

Posted on October 23, 2020   |    Innovation
Innovation for Nation Building – How Professionals Can Lead the Re-Imagination of a New Nigeria.

Innovation is about breaking new grounds, conquering new territories and mastering new arts. It is about breaking eggs and yes, making omelets.

Being a professional is something I take very seriously. You see, I was raised in this tradition by a father so dedicated to his pioneering trade as a Health and Safety professional that he and others organized the first of such bodies dedicated to the professionalization of his life passion, by forming the Nigeria Institute of Safety Professionals (now ISPON) to which he was later appointed a Fellow.

October 15, 2020   |    Investment
LoftyInc Mobilizes Over 1 Million Dollars for Afritech Startups

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact globally, LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited (LAPL) has invested over a million dollars in opportunities in just the first three quarters of the year alone.

As a force to reckon with in Nigeria’s innovation and social impact ecosystem, LoftyInc has continued to champion the cause for improving the lot of innovative and technology-enabled start-ups not only in West Africa, but also increasingly across North Africa and the Middle East.

October 15, 2020   |    Investment
NISRF Investments with Acumen Foundation and Ventures Platform: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Wole Odetayo

The health and stability of the Startup Ecosystem is paramount to us at LoftyInc. When the opportunity came for us to show our commitment to improving the ecosystem, we jumped on it without looking back.

We sat with one of our Partners Dr. Wole Odetayo to talk extensively about LoftyInc’s partnership with Ventures Platform and Acumen Foundation on NISRF.

October 1, 2020   |    MSME Development
LoftyInc Celebrates Nigeria @ 60; Recommits to Development of MSMEs

At LoftyInc, we wish our dear country Nigeria, Happy Diamond Anniversary. We celebrate the journey so far, and set our gaze on a future full of promise yet unfulfilled. Nigeria is a country made to be great. A land of diversity, beckoning to a future full of promises. As the world’s biggest black nation, Africa’s largest economy and a systemically important strategic country in our universe: our manifest destiny is greatness despite any of the marginal challenges we face today.