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Inspiring innovation across Africa, one project at a time.

LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited is an innovation development company that supports start-up teams, innovation enterprises and social impact projects in Africa.

Our work cuts across MSMEs, Private and Public Sectors, and Social Impact endeavours (Infrastructure, Energy, Education, Healthcare and Agriculture); where it leverages technology, global partnerships & bestin-class processes.

More About Us

Why We Exist

Job Creation

The massive youth unemployment occassioned by massive population boom.

Economic Catalyst

The need to link Africa's economies.

What We Do

Advisory And Innovation Development (Paid)
Start-up And MSME Support

Facilitating Impact projects accross sub-saharan Africa

Social impact is at the heart of our existence.
We leverage technology to solve social impact problems in Sub-Saharan Africa across infrastructure, energy and social impact sectors (education, healthcare and agriculture). We have keen interest in MSMEs business support development, project development, and technology product development.

We are also the operators of the Wennovatioin Hub, which is the pioneer privately led accelerator and innovation ecosystem with space in Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja (Nigeria).

Our Services
Project Development & Delivery

Providing project development, and management services to corporates, government, and development organisations.

Monitoring, Evaluation, & Impact Assessment

Providing insight into how and why programs work, or otherwise, and making informed decisions through reliable data.

Transaction & Business Advisory

Providing advisory services to corporates, government, & dev. organisations, and supporting investment and capital inflow into the Real sector.

Venture Development

LoftyInc is focused on triple bottom line businesses that drive social, economic, and environmental impact with world-class, innovative, profitable and scale-able models.

Our Proprietary Programs
Digital Skills Initiative (EKO Digital)
Nationwide Monitoring and Evaluation of National Assets and Infrastructure
Cleantech Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Program.
Homeland Security and Defense
How We Achieve Our Goals

At LoftyInc, we leverage the use of technology and bestin-class processes to execute all projects and service delivery.

Technology and Innovation

LoftyInc Project Execution System (LPES)

LoftyInc Impact Monitoring and Evaluation Tool (LIME)

Aduma Mbomu Virtual Learning Platform

LoftyInc Project Management Process (PMP)

Wennovation Investment Readiness Process (IRP)

Other internal tools


Leveraging human centred design

Digital Platforms

& Digital Innovation

Our Track Record

Nationwide enumeration, impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation of MSME loans.


Nationwide enumeration, Developed an Infrastructure Monitoring tool.


Baseline assessment, capacity building & impact investing in clean energy enterprises in Northern Nig.


Business Development Support & Market Entry services. (> ₦1Bn loan facility acquisition).


Baseline assessment and ongoing monitoring of micro-retail solution for BoP Pharmacies.


Commercial enumeration & research for energy demand in rural economies of SW Nigeria.

Our Reach
At LoftyInc, we operate across a variety of sectors to deliver impact projects that support our goals & objectives, growth, and the economic development of the African Continent.

Types of Customers

Governmental and Non-governmental organisations

Other internal tools


Social Impact Sector (Infrastructure, Energy, Education, Healthcare and Agriculture)

Real Sector

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises


Development organisations

Homeland Security and Defence


Our objective mission of creatively investing in ideas and entrepreneurs, and enable innovation in Africa to support, create or protect 1 million jobs per annum over the next decade is enabled through these subsidiary entities.


Innovation drives the impact we make

Public Sector Advisory Practice

We assist Governments with fresh & innovative ideas and evidence, improving their capacity to deliver on their mandates.

Digital Transformation & Product Development

Making the world a better place means finding solutions that work, and scaling them to maximize progress.

Digital Skills Initiative Program

Our DSI Program train individuals yearning to add to their skill sets and connect them to funding/internship sources.

Acceleration & Innovation Ecosystem

Through Wennovation Hub, we bring productive people together through shared workspaces and special events.

Our core values are Collaboration, Excellence & Social Impact.


What we seek to achieve (Mission)

To contribute to the enhancement of lives by creatively investing in ideas and entrepreneurs, while positively changing the broader society.


Where we see ourselves (Vision)

Our vision is to leverage technology and enable innovation in Africa to support, create or protect 1 million jobs per annum in the next decade.

What our people say
Here's what some of our team members have to say

It’s the team spirit for me. At LoftyInc, we understand that one part can’t function without the others and all hands are always on deck as we deliver our work.

Charles Ekenna Project team lead

At LoftyInc, there is always a sense of purpose in all projects we execute. We are all committed to the goal of solving some of Africa’s biggest challenges, and that in itself is what connects everything and everyone.

Damola Oyafajo Monitoring and evaluation lead

At LoftyInc there's always a set goal for achievements in a fun and vibrant atmosphere Including the opportunity to make a huge impact in lives, such as the chance to collaborate, innovate, meet targets,help others, build others and also self challenges and capacity building.

Olatokunbo Aiyenimelo Assistant Project Manager

For me, it's been a growth season. Working with a fast paced team like LoftyInc, with various projects on ground and in the pipelines has made my growth as an individual and a professional skyrocket.

Adedayo Longe Team lead, advisory services

I love working at LoftyInc because the projects we do shape the society around us. We're not just a business development company - we're also positively impacting the lives of our project beneficiaries in lot of ways...

Femi Oluwagbemi Business Development

Working with LoftyInc has been an eye-opener for me, I've been exposed to a whole lot of impactful knowledge and I have garnered relevant on-the-job experience that can stand me out among my peers and contemporaries.

Segun Famodimu Finance lead
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A sound leadership builds trust

Our Executive Partners
Michael is a serial enterpreneur with extensive experience in venture support, development, project development & management - and currently oversees LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited and its Venture Capital arm, LoftyInc Capital Management among many other entrepreneurial endeavors.
Michael Oluwagbemi
Executive Partner
The 'Afropreneur' (entrepreneur with an African focus) Idris has mentored and catalyzed scores of contributors across the growing African landscape and is an angel investor and advisor to several African startups including Andela, Flutterwave, RelianceHMO, among others.
Idris Ayodeji Bello
Dami Agboola is a seasoned developer of social impact and capital projects that has helped bring innovation, and innovative teams, ideas and technologies to young entrepreneurs by helping create the much needed jobs in Africa while leveraging innovation across various industries.
Damilola Agboola
Wole Odetayo is passionate about innovative solutions to socioeconomic challenges by collaboratively & innovatively leveraging on technology to tackle some of the toughest socio-economic challenges; Access to Health, Corruption, Fair Wages, Unemployment/Underemployment & Underdevelopment linked to Academic Research & Development
Oluwole Odetayo
Managing Partner

A sound leadership builds trust

Board Members
Ms. Wulff is an early-stage tech venture investor and business mentor. She has lived and worked internationally, including India, China, South America and many parts of Africa. Her business and investment acumen has been private equity and social impact investment, with a focus on African business development via joint ventures, global trade, private financings and grant fundings.
Marsha Wulff
Bunmi Dipo-Salami is a Nigeria-born development strategist and social entrepreneur. She is the Chief Executive at PLEG Centre, a company that helps to enhance the capacity of leaders in Nigeria and across Africa through a multi-engagement methodology that strengthens actors in the public, private and non-profit sectors to ensure transformative leadership.
Bunmi Dipo-Salami
Femi Romiluyi is a Startup Advisor and an investor in early stage companies. He holds a degree in electrical & electronic engineering and an MBA with over 30 years of experience in project management, facilities engineering, turn-around maintenance, operations and maintenance management in IT and energy industries.
Femi Romiluyi

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