Sitting Posture for Work Productivity.

We spend an average of 8 hours at work on a daily basis, sometimes including weekends. It is quite easy to get caught up and not bother about our posture, especially when using our computers. In the long run, this affects the general posture of our bodies, as well as our health.

Bad posture  often results in back pain and it is an issue that affects around 70 per cent of the workforce. Majority of complaints gotten at the Human Resources department are centered around back pain.

Research shows that poor posture at work can lead to back pain and increase stress levels, anxiety and even depression. This will obviously decrease the effectiveness of employees and the general productivity of the company.

We are sharing a few tips for better posture at work to improve your productivity and decrease sitting disease.

Use a proper chair.

You have to set your chair properly, so you don’t slouch while sitting for a period of time. Having a proper seat will enable you to set your backrest straight up for better seating posture. 

Sitting down for a long period of time with the wrong chair can affect your spine in the long run and cause serious health issues. 

To avoid this, get a chair that you can adjust the backrest so that you are seated up straight while at work.

In addition to this, make sure your computer is at eye level to avoid slouching.

Don’t sit for long periods.

If need be, set an alarm to remind you to walk around periodically during work. Sitting down for a long time, no matter how good your posture is, can also pose a serious threat to one’s health. 

Periodically, make sure you leave what you are doing and take a walk. You can take walks while taking a phone call too.

Health experts suggest working for 30 minutes then taking a five minute walk break. You can create your own schedule, but endeavor to keep to it.

Don’t cross legs for too long.

Etiquette teaches ladies to cross their legs while sitting, especially when in skirts or dresses. While this looks good, there are actually side effects to sitting like that for extended periods. 

Sitting for long periods of time with your leg over your knee can cause your pelvis to rotate and tilt. This is also a root cause of back pain.

While sitting down at work, make sure to not cross your legs at the ankles or knees. It’s best to plant your feet firmly on the ground.

By planting your feet on the ground, you allow free blood circulation.

Do exercises regularly.

Haven done the above, it is equally important to exercise regularly. This post is not about the benefits of regular exercise, but it is important to note that exercising keeps the body active and helps in blood circulation.

Workouts, jogging, yoga, running, stationery exercises are helpful for the entire body flow, as well as for the health of the back.

Don’t stop at work.

After work, we sometimes use our computers at home. It is important to also set our chairs properly and avoid slouching. More often than not, we use our mobile phones a lot at home and it is easy to not be conscious of our posture while doing this. 

Ensure to always have a good sitting or lying down posture when using your mobile phones or computers at home. These tips are not only workable for the office, but for life in general.

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