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Who we are

We are an innovation and technology company. Inovation is at the heart of everything we do, it drives the impact we make.

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    Venture Development

    LoftyInc is focused on triple bottom line businesses that drive social and environmental impact with innovative, profitable and scale-able models. We provide financing and strategic support for the development of success cases.
    LoftyInc, through our innovation centre, Wennovation Hub, focuses on incubating and accelerating high growth potential social impact startups that have wide spread impact on communities whose solutions affect those at the bottom of the pyramid (poorest of the poor).
    We have since committed to ensuring that the ideas and products of these individuals and companies, do not just become a reality but also make the necessary impact to the populace they were created for.

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    Capital Development

    LoftyInc invests in Nigerian companies with fewer than 30 employees, with less than 100,000 USD in sales and strong growth potential. Larger companies may be analysed in specific cases.
    We contribute to and promote the growth of the impact investment sector by demonstrating that small investments can be made in an efficient and profitable manner. The types of capital raising transactions we look for include venture capital (Through our Venture Capital arm, LoftyInc Capital Management) for emerging growth companies, growth capital for more established companies, and leveraged acquisitions and recapitalizations for growth-oriented companies with strong cash flows.

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    Technology Product Development

    Making the world a better place means finding solutions that work, and scaling them to maximize progress. From health to agriculture, infrastructure, education and financial inclusion, LoftyInc designs new solutions, systems and strategies to address the needs and aspirations of underserved communities around the globe. We help our social impact clients harness their existing expertise to co-design the products, services, and strategic frameworks that create even greater benefits for the communities they serve. Our work goes beyond a single project or initiative. We provide the training, mentorship, and support needed to sustain a culture of innovation. By opening up the innovation process, we bring together diverse organizations and stakeholders—including the individuals and communities that will benefit from the work.
    Using design tools and iterative processes, we quickly translate research insights into on-the-ground experiences that can be tested and perfected.

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    Opportunities Development

    At LoftyInc, we enable companies expand their lines of businesses through new products & services, additional market segments, strategic partnerships & alliances and an extensive global market reach.
    We ensure the companies maintain profitability, increase market share, discover and tap into new businesses. Companies need opportunities to thrive but face serious challenges in identifying, assessing and implementing the right development strategies which can lead towards sustainable performance and growth. We play a vital role in addressing these challenges and help clients by advising on the most suitable opportunities to follow after eliminating several alternatives through detailed analysis of their products & services, business plans and using our knowledge of their respective industries.
    Moreover we offer clients multiple options & solutions to transform potential opportunities into viable revenue streams.