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What's it like to work at LoftyInc

From our Staff

LoftyInc is focused on triple bottom line businesses that drive social and environmental impact with innovative, profitable and scale-able models. We provide financing and strategic support for the development of success cases.

LoftyInc, through our innovation centre, Wennovation Hub, focuses on incubating and accelerating high growth potential social impact startups that have widespread impact on communities whose solutions affect those at the bottom of the pyramid (poorest of the poor).

We have since committed to ensuring that the ideas and products of these individuals and companies do not just become a reality but also make the necessary impact to the populace they were created for.

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Why Join Us?

  • Our Experience

    Over the years LoftyInc has worked across infrastructure, energy and social impact sectors (education, healthcare and agriculture) where it leverages technology, global partnerships & best-in-class processes.

  • Our Services

    See how we have been developing startup teams, managing innovation programs and facilitating impact projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Our Approach

    At LoftyInc we strive to drive thinking from an out of the box perspective. Be its market entry, project development, expansion as well as business strategy.

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